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Our force protection solutions can offer

a level of security in all instances to the most

important asset you have: your team.

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Keeping all citizens safe is at the forefront of what we do.

Our mass notification services provide communication systems to rapidly alert all employees of an emergency, regardless of their geographic location.



Whether notifying employees of a simple power outage or a terrorist threat, MNS are integral to mission success.


Planning for the unfortunate is difficult without expertise. We can build procedures to make the unthinkable easier.


AES can provide control over all systems, regardless of timezone, location or hours of operation.

Multi channel delivery

With experience in MNS both within the US and OCONUS, our solutions are specifically developed to work for your environment.

MNS maintenance

MNS testing and maintenance is crucial to ensuring the safety of your team.

mns reporting & insights

As routine, during or after an emergency situation, we are able to provide real-time insight that gives you the knowledge you need.

force protection

Ardent Eagle Solutions provides real-time, reliable communications to Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies. Our solutions are tailored to each agency’s specific needs and provide the opportunity to notify all necessary audiences of critical events, as they happen and throughout the emergency, regardless of physical location.

Our services stretch from installation and project management of notification systems to testing and monitoring for reliability, as well as updates and maintenance. And, in the unfortunate event of an emergency, we are able to provide tracking, reporting, and other mission-critical insights.

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